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Dentistry Generally Speaking

Dentistry Generally Speaking

Times are changing and we are changing as well. The internet has brought research literally to our fingertips. You can research anything! Dentistry is also changing and we are discovering the very important relationship that links our mouth to the rest of the body. First of all, it is the first place of defence in feeding the body nutrients and is directly related to our overall health.

There is so much bacteria in the mouth, and the warmth and wetness serves as an incubator to many germs. If we can’t kill some of these germs, and if they accumulate in the form of plaque, we get tooth decay, receding gums and all sorts of other problems. If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know that it is not much fun!

My thoughts are this, how is it possible to floss regularly, brush twice a day, eat a healthy diet and still have dental issues, plaque build up, tooth decay?   It doesn’t make sense to me that if the traditional products on the market were working as we think they are, that so many people would have so many issues. To the tune of around 90% of adults over the age of 30. If we stop to really think about it, there is a sign, I believe the sign is that traditional products in the marketplace for dental health are not effective. How can they be when there are so many people with so many dental issues? We see it everywhere, in the 1500’s, scientists started to make synthetic versions of what was available naturally and we as people have been getting sicker and sicker. It makes sense that when you put foreign substances into your body, that your body will try to get rid of them, and the potential for side effects.

Hence the movement towards organics. These substances are friendly to the body and our bodies are absorbing the much needed nutrients and we are feeling better, healthier, stronger. It’s the way to go!

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