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Have you ever?

Had cavities despite being an avid brusher/flosser?

Struggled with yellowing teeth?

Had bleeding gums or been told that you have the beginning of gum disease?

Had to have root canals?

Brushing twice daily with bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution will help to:

  • prevent tooth cavities
  • prevent tartar and plaque build up
  • prevent gum inflammation
  • reduce gum bleeding
  • strengthen enamel
  • clean between teeth and fight bad breath

You are probably asking yourself, does bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution dental really have all these benefits.

Well, essential oils are very potent; they are so strong in fact that one drop can be equal to having 60+ cups of tea. The essential oils in bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution have been chosen because together, their therapeutic properties clean and detoxify the mouth area. Your gums absorb the oils so they reach to the root of the tooth, healing, increasing circulation, killing bad bacteria and more. Since there are no artificial chemicals, plaque and tarter don’t stick to the teeth. I know it’s hard to believe, but bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution is all you need INSTEAD OF TOOTHPASTE to have healthy gums and teeth, every day.