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bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution is all you need!

Invert bottle and shake one drop onto your toothbrush (wet or dry-your choice) and brush your teeth, gums and tongue twice a day.

Spit out excess and rinse mouth. It can also be used directly on the infected or inflamed gums by placing a drop on your finger and rubbing into the affected area. Do not swallow!

You can also put a drop into your waterpik water or put one drop into 30mL of water and use as a mouth rinse.

Do not swallow and avoid if pregnant.

We guarantee that within one week of regular use your mouth will be cleaner and that you will notice a significant decrease in plaque and calcium build up as well as reduced gum inflammation.

Regular and Peppermint Free formulas available

One bottle will last:

5mL = two month supply

15mL = 6 month supply

30mL = Family Size