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I've been using bodyFood Dental serum for a year now and I used to go for cleanings every 4 months, now they've cut me back to every six months because my gums are in such great shape! I've never had such healthy teeth and gums in my life and I'm 58 yrs old!   Thank You so much bodyFood Dental...this product is amazing!

Jenny C


I purchased a 15 ml bottle of onedropdental today at the green living show.  I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your product.  Used it tonight.
I find it much superior to the Healthy Mouth Blend by oral health (I was chatting with you about their product from Hawaii today).
Many thanks.  I wish I purchased a larger bottle now!!!!

Best of luck with your sales at the show.  So glad there is a Whitby dentist selling your product.


I've been using bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for the past few weeks and already within that short time I've benefited. In the last few months I've noticed an increase in sensitivity, gum inflammation and tooth pain. When I first heard of the product I was eager to try it to see if it would help with the discomfort I was having. After using it just once, I could already feel a difference and with continued use I no longer am experiencing any inflammation or pain. bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution always leaves my mouth feeling clean, fresh and my teeth smooth. I love the feeling so much and get an even deeper benefit in hard to reach places by dipping my dental floss in bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution.   I am happy to toss my toothpastes out and solely trust bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for my dental care and oral hygiene.

Sharon SmithMississauga (May 2015)

As an adult with braces I can tell you that it isn't easy keeping your teeth clean. I floss and brush all of the time and still have plaque build up. I've only tried bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for a week and I cannot believe how clean my teeth are. There is literally no plaque build up and my gums are not swollen, sensitive or bleeding! I am so happy! I'll never go back to toothpaste again!

Jennifer V.Burlington (May 2015)

This is the most amazing stuff ever! It took me a few days to get used to the taste and the no foam part but now I absolutely love it and my teeth have never felt cleaner in my life! I hope to cut my dental cleaning appointments as I have no insurance and taking care of my teeth has cost me a small fortune! I was skeptical about using just one drop but it honest to goodness is all you need. It's just amazing!

Brian ArsenaultOakville (May 2015)

OMG...That product is unreal! Lois honest to God! After 2 uses 😀 .... I'm so excited that it’s working for me. No bleeding after 3rd use. My teeth appear to be getting whiter. I'm so grateful for the product! ...

Kathy(June 2015)

I have been using this product for a month now and my oral health has improved so much!!! Much healthier gums that are no longer receding and actually healing, dry mouth improving, teeth less discoloured and my teeth are feeling so much cleaner all the time!!! Thank You Irene at bodyFood Inc - bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution...

Lois Johnson( June 2015)

I go for a dental cleaning every 3 months because I don't have a plan, have to pay cash for dental work, and don't want dental issues because of built up plaque and bacteria. After may last dental cleaning I discovered bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution and used it daily for the 3 months. On my next cleaning, I was told I had considerably less stain and plaque and no gum bleeding at all! They moved my cleaning up to every six months! I am so happy! That saves me $500 a year in cleaning alone... This is the best product ever!

Thanks so much for inventing it!

Mary B.(June 2015)

Well...I think I'll take another bottle of that bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution. Clean as a whistle at the dentist!!!!

Jason(July 2015)

I need to get 2 small bottles and one big one for me... my teeth are so clean...that stuff is addictive!

--( August 15, 2015)

Such an awesome product. I have been using bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for 4 months and the health of my mouth is profoundly different than before I started!!! My dentist asked me recently what I was doing differently-my oral health hand improved so much!! Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!!! Thank You Irene for bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution !!!

LJ(August 26, 2015)

Well done and as an avid user of bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution I can't imagine using anything else. My teeth never felt or looked so clean and I know it helped my healing after oral surgery!

Barb P.(September 2, 2015)

I had my routine dental cleaning yesterday and the hygienist (who is the same person I see every checkup) commented on the good health of my gums and noticeably less plaque. She always manages to make my gums bleed, but this time very little bleeding. I've been using One Drop for just over a month and am so pleased with the results. She kept the information and I'm hoping they will eventually have this in their clinic.

Lynne B.(September 2, 2015)

I haven't been to my dentist yet since switching to BodyFood Dental One Drop Solution but I can say my teeth have never, ever felt cleaner and it makes sense that not having stuff cling to my teeth makes them less likely to get cavities. Love this stuff!

VR(October 2015)

It took a while to get use to; I hated it at first, used it for 2 weeks then went off it for a month. After a visit to my dentist I had some inflammation and gum issues so I decided to go back on it. It`s been about 5 months that I`ve been using it and my teeth and gums have never been healthier and I love that there is never any plaque build up! Love Love Love this product!

Gertrude(October 2015)

I had a pocket above my molar at the back that food used to get trapped in and was looking at surgery to repair this, but after using bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for 4 months my gum actually grew back and I have no more issue! I couldn`t believe it! I'll never, ever go back to toothpaste!

Cherie H.(Nov. 2015)

I have cancer and find that I'm developing dental issues and dry mouth so I thought I`d give bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution a try. After two weeks I can feel that I have more saliva and my teeth are so incredibly clean! When I floss, there is no more bleeding and I just love the way my mouth feels. Thanks so much, it`s a great product!

Bill W.(Nov. 2015)

Absolutely unbelievable product! bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution ...and it works better than anything I've ever tried in my life!

Kevin G.(November 2015)

For months I had pain from an implant and honestly one use of this product took the pain away. It has to be as that is the only change I've made. Remarkable! Best investment ever!

RobertToronto (December 2015)

Tiny bottle lasted for 3 months! teeth are so clean! Great product, Thanks!

Gwen L.Richmond Hill (Dec. 2015)

Totally forgot to tell you how much I love one drop dental! I used natural toothpaste before but this is cleaner and easier to use. Well now that I'm used to the dropper. Unfortunately wasted a few drops while my brain got used to bottle. But I'm hooked 🙂

Risa(Dec. 2015)

I have to tell you that I haven't been for a dental cleaning in a year but had to go to the dentist for a cracked tooth, the hygienist could not believe how clean my teeth and gums were. I've been using only bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution since June and I'll never go back to anything else!

Barb P.(Jan. 2016)

At first my teeth and mouth seemed to be sensitive so I went off of bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for a week but then went back on as I have so many dental issues and it seems everytime I go to the dentist I'm paying hundreds of dollars for something.   I can feel that my teeth and gums are super clean and it just makes sense that with a clean and healthy mouth I'll get rid of issues that come from bacteria and decay.

Judy L.(January 2016)

I sometimes was frustrated waiting for the drop to come out of the bottle because of the thickness of the oil but then I started to put the bottle under hot running water for about 5 seconds and found that the drop comes out much faster, it's all great! My teeth and gums are clean, I don't even use mouthwash anymore! Thank you bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution!

Bernice G.(January 2016)

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! ...MY GUMS ARE GROWING BACK! I have been using bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution for 3 months and was told I needed gum surgery. In particular there was a pocket that food always got stuck in but now it's gone. bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars !!!! and my teeth have never been cleaner! THANK YOU!!!

Gerry B.(January 2016)

I have used one drop for over 6 months and have had amazing results! My teeth have never been so healthy and clean. My dentist asked what have I been doing differently? My teeth and gums are very healthy! I can honestly say, I owe it all to bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution! Not only do I love it, I have also converted my family, friends and even my grandchildren. It is a natural product and safe for the whole family. It really works!

Thank you bodyFood!

MarishkaOakville, Ontario (February 2016)